Bridging the Gap between Landlord and Tenant

The relationship between landlord and tenant is notoriously inhospitable, and not one that inspires warm feelings for many. In the last few years, these bad relationships have been the center of much negative press; and, with a recent study showing that almost half of all landlord-tenant relations have broken down at some point, these claims appear in many ways to be substantiated.



It is supposed that the main culprit for this degradation is a landlord’s unwillingness to pay for upkeep. 49% of tenants questioned had entered into an altercation with their landlord at some point because their landlord had refused to pay out for proper maintenance, repair, and decorating. Out of those questioned, 89% said that they would leave their current accommodation if the relationship did not soon improve. A further 18 % of tenants were purportedly unhappy with the current arrangement as they found their landlord to be unapproachable.

This is not to say that the blame is with landlords alone, with late rent payments also being a moot point. This seems to particularly be the case in younger renters, with 44% of tenants aged 25-34 being late with their payments. In contrast, only 5% of renters over the age of 65 are late with their payments.


With these statistics reflecting a breakdown in the transactional relationship between landlord and tenant, it would appear that despite legislative and contractual arrangements (that a property must be kept in an acceptable, habitable state, and that rent is to be paid on time) there is much room for improvement. At Seven Property Group, we try to maintain a healthy and professional relationship with our clients, keeping tenant tensions at a low where we can. We try to offer a more personable experience and, where possible, mediate and negotiate as managing agents and landlords to keep both parties happy.

We have extremely high standards for all of our properties, and aim to maintain them in a way that matches them. We have an in-house maintenance team who work exclusively for us, and busy themselves with frequent improvements to our properties. At the request of our tenants, we will send our team out to check over any problems they may report, with the intention of resolving the issue as soon as it arises. Our close, professional relationships with an extensive list of external contractors also means that any larger problems are treated with speed and efficiency. Additionally, in the last few years, we have undertaken and overseen numerous property refurbishments. Our emphasis is on consistency and quality; thereby maintaining a quality of living for our tenants.

In reflection of this, many of our tenants continue to rent our properties for longer. 70% of tenants who have received an act of kindness will rent a property for more than 24 months, compared to 53% who haven’t. It is within our best interests to keep our tenants content and well looked after. We hope that our tenants find us approachable and sensitive and in turn will equally try to maintain a good and stable relationship with us.

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By Molly Lennard-Jones