Serviced Apartments: The Better Option

Hotels are luxurious. There is something comforting and pillowy about white fluffy towels and bathrobes; a novelty about being able to spend hours under crisp linens, and an indulgence about all-you-can-eat breakfasts. Outfitted with fancy restaurants and numerous facilities, a hotel can be great for short breaks away. But for prolonged trips, the practicalities of a hotel can fall short. Seven Property’s serviced apartments are located in the centre of historic Ipswich, and offer both beautiful and pragmatic spaces for those travelling for business or for leisure.


In the past few years, the growing popularity of serviced apartments has caused many to reconsider the benefits of a hotel. Typically twice the size of an average hotel room, a serviced apartment has much to offer.

Damage Limitation

The cost of a hotel can be great. For a central location and a comfortable stay, not to mention the additional treat of a minibar snack, a brief stay in hotel can cause huge damage to your bank account. But one of the main benefits of a serviced apartment is the transparency of its price. We charge a flat rate per week for one of our flats, whether there are one or two people staying, and this is inclusive of additional services such as Wi-Fi. The price of an apartment per night can also decrease as the length of stay increases. Starting at £390 per week, one night in one of our accommodations could set you back as little as £55 – perhaps even less if an apartment is shared.

Space and Flexibility

Not only are the dimensions of a serviced apartment larger than a hotel room, separated rooms give added flexibility to your stay away. A fully equipped kitchen provides the option to cook as you would at home, meaning that evenings are not sat perched on the edge of a king-sized bed or sat alone at a table for one. A larger space also makes entertaining easier; meetings can be held in your living room, dinner parties at a dining table, or cosy nights can be spent in on the sofa. If having guests to stay at home is not an option, a serviced apartment is. On top of servicing, a washing machine and other appliances are provided for convenience.

A More Personable Experience

The apartment spaces themselves are richly dressed with high quality, yet homely, furnishings - there are no mass produced bed runners or cushions in sight - and although you can book one of our apartments like any hotel, we will always deal with customers directly to advise about arrival, useful information, and to address any queries. We aim to give our customers the best and most comfortable experience, so will be respectful of your space and privacy (no unexpected servicing) whilst also ensuring that everything about your visit is up to the highest standards.

By Molly Lennard-Jones