Tips for Tenants

  • Communication is key – It is essential that there is an open dialog with the office and the maintenance team.  As the tenant, it is your responsibility to inform us if there is a problem, whether it is maintenance related or financial. Our aim is to provide prompt and efficient attention in a satisfactory and timely manner.  If you have any concerns in paying your rent even if in part, please do not delay in letting us know in order that we can work with you in finding a satisfactory solution.


  • Deposit – It is not in the interest of our company to deduct any of your deposit when you leave our property and by providing regular property inspections we can maintain our high standards.  When a tenant gives us the required notice of one month, we will refer to the pre-exit document provided at the start of tenancy, we will then work with you to ensure the property is to the same standard as when firstly occupied.


  • Garden – As per your signed tenancy agreement, please keep in mind, in the same way that the tenant is responsible for the property maintenance, this also applies to the garden.


  • Guarantor – is required for all our properties.  The reason being as per our company policy, none of us know what the future holds and should there be a situation whereby you cannot pay all or part of your rent, you have the support of your guarantor.  There is no reference charge for your guarantor.


  • Housing Benefit – Despite widespread opinion, most landlords are more than willing to rent to a tenant claiming a benefit, however, this must be declared at the earliest stage of your application.


  • Taking Care of the Property – For the duration of your tenancy agreement, we welcome you to enjoy as your home and accordingly put our trust in you treating with respect and maintaining to our standard.  We carry out regular 6 monthly inspections to ensure that all parties are fully satisfied.  However, of course if there are any issues in between then please do report to the office without delay.


  • Pets – We operate a strict no pet policy on all our properties, therefore, even for a goldfish, do not assume this is acceptable without seeking our permission as this could jeopardize both your tenancy and deposit.


  • Ventilation – almost all cases of “damp” issues reported to us are actually as a direct result of the property not being adequately heated or ventilated.  The efficiency of windows in this day and age means that unless they are opened periodically, no fresh air at all will get in to the room potentially resulting in mould forming which is preventable.  In the new tenancy pack we provide helpful information which we advise you to read thoroughly ‘understanding damp and mould’, if in any doubt, please ask us to visit you to provide guidance on how best to manage.